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Go Green!

Remanufactured equipment performs like new but requires almost no additional resources to produce.

Remanufactured equipment from RDM is carefully tested and is long-lasting. Many customers tell us that our quality standards exceed those of the original manufacturers.

Remanufactured equipment carries a higher value for your dollar than expensive new parts. This gives you the power to expand your profit margins without sacrificing quality.

What Are We Doing?

RDM is committed to being a good steward of God's Creation. We strive to minimize landfill waste in our production lines by following these green practices:

  • Recycling Old Batteries
  • Sending Scrap Metal to Recyclers
  • Parting Out Cull Boards and Sending Remnants to Electronics Recyclers
  • Making Existing Plastic and Metal Cases Look Like New Instead of Buying or Making New Ones
  • Storing Electronic Files Instead of Hard Copies of Manuals and Other Documents
  • Reusing and Recycling Packaging Materials
  • Buying Supplies Locally Whenever Available
  • Using Eco-Friendly Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Encouraging Our Employees to Recycle Office Supplies and Breakroom Items

Don't throw away those cores!

RDM is always looking to purchase cores. Have some to sell? Visit our Cores Wanted page.

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